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To be read before starting your teletandem

Suggestions for teletandem sessions
To obtain a teletandem certificate

If you want a certificate that you held teletandem sessions, you should notify your partner in advance, before you start your teletandem process and prepare a portfolio with the seven tasks below. 

The 7 tasks for obtaining a certificate issued by the Project Teletandem Brasil are the following:

- Hold at least 8 sessions of two hours (one hour in each language) with your partner, or 8 weeks of teletandem; 

- Write an essay or produce sentences in the target language and send them to your the partner weekly. Then, he/she should edit your written production in Word (using "control changes") and send it back to you BEFORE the following session. You will, then, receive the edited essay or written work and make a copy of it without the corrections, producing a "clean version" (without the errors and corrected). Each written paper will, therefore, have 3 versions - the original, the edited and the final. The total will be 8 essays at the end of the process (each of them in three versions). 

- List of words (glossary) used during the sessions (total 8 lists), in alphabetical order. The glossary is a summary of the vocabulary input and idiomatic expressions that you learned from him/her during the sessions. In order to have a rich glossary, you and your partner should always take notes of the new words during the sessions, as you both develop the conversation. 

- A copy of the notes that you have taken on the chat or on Talk & Write during each of the eight sessions (just "copy" the chat or the notes and "paste" them on a Word document; 

- Self-evaluation written in your own language (mention the collaboration you both had, the problems, achievements, what you could not say in the language before starting teletandem and the goals you achieved); 

- Assessment, written by the partner, of your development in the target language. 

- A front page with your name, address, phone number, your language, your partner’s language, number of sessions you both had (no less than eight sessions) and the period in which you had the sessions. 

All documents must be printed and be sent to: 

Laboratório de Teletandem (Sessão de Avaliações)
UNESP - Assis
Avenida Dom Antonio, 2100
19806-173 Assis, SP

The certificate will be issued three months after the posting date.

Counseling and advice for Teletandem

If you would like to share your teletandem experience with us, in case you might be having problems with your partner, or even if you would like some advice from the Teletandem Brasil staff, please, write to us! We will write back to you as soon as possible. Your message will be kept confidential to the Teletandem Brasil staff.

Send email to

An new space for teletandem counseling

A space for counseling and exchange of ideas among teletandem practitioners was created on the virtual learning platform TELEDUC, of São Paulo State University – Assis.

 On this virtual forum, you will be able:

a) to obtain pedagogical counseling from the research team of Teletandem Brasil;

b) to learn how to fully explore the potentials of the teletandem learning context;

c) by means of a personal learning journal, to share ideas, experiences and teaching/learning strategies with other teletandem practitioners from many countries and languages;

d) to share your teletandem teaching/learning experiences in your own native language and to practice your reading abilities in your target language by learning about the teletandem experiences of others.

Basic procedures during a teletandem session
A teletandem learning partnership can be great - you can learn another person's language and culture, share your own, and make great friends in the process.  Or not.

  • Initial sessions: take at least two teletandem sessions to get used to the procedures and to the equipment
  • At least two hours: Make sure you have a two-hour time block, with one hour in each language
  • Begin with a review: Spend the first 10 minutes reviewing words and phrases learned during the last session
  • Talk, talk, talk: Use most of the session to talk about and to discuss themes of interest to both. Let your partner speak the language he/she is trying to learn.
  • Take notes: Take notes while your partner talks, give him/her the words he/she does not know and take notes of these words
  • Evaluate: Spend the last 15 minutes of the sessions to review the words and grammar structures
  • Do homework: Between one teletandem sessions and another write a paragraph or essay in the language you are trying to learn and e-mail it to your partner for editing it.
  • Safe topics. At least at first, it's best to steer clear of sensitive topics like politics or religion. Once you know each other better, you'll be able to get into such interesting topics with comfort.