Teletandem Brasil
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Find a Brazilian teletandem partner

We'd love to connect you with a Brazilian language learning partner!

All our participants need:

  • To be currently registered in a course of (a) UNESP – São Paulo State University, (b) a foreign university under agreement with UNESP, (c) a language center under  agreement with UNESP or with the Teletandem Brazil Project;
  • To have a computer at home or at your university or language center, with a high speed connection, a webcam, microphone, and Windows Live Messenger installed.
  • To be able to commit at least two hours a week for teletandem practice, during at least three months
  • To be able to spend at least an hour per week for individual study and homework
This way, we can ensure all our participants will have the equipment and time to make great language-learning partners.